3 Tips For Successful Laser Hair Reduction

If you are sick of hair growing in certain place on your body, then laser hair reduction may be something that you want to consider. Laser hair reduction allows you to get rid of unwanted body hairs by using laser pulses on each and every hair follicle in your skin. This treatment can be very successful if carried out properly, but things must be done a certain way. This article will discuss 3 tips for successful laser hair reduction. 

Do Not Wax Or Tweeze Out Hair Follicles

During the laser hair reduction process, your hair follicles are what is being target by the laser. Because of this, it is crucial that they are all there. If you were to wax and/or tweeze your hairs during the treatment process, you would remove these much-needed hair follicles. This would mean that you would have to wait an entire growth cycle before the hairs would be able to grow back in once again, which would delay your treatment progress. Instead of waxing and/or tweezing your hairs, you are simply going to want to remove them by shaving them off. This cuts the hair down to the skin level but does not remove the actual follicle, which is exactly what you want. 

Don't Skip A Treatment

It is so important that you avoid skipping a treatment if at all possible. Your treatments are scheduled during the growth cycles of your hair follicles, so having the procedure done at certain intervals allows different hair growth cycles to be treated. The hairs from this growth cycle will then fall out after treatment, and a new growth cycle of hairs will grow in. If you were to move your treatment, you would likely miss the scheduled growth cycle, which would mean you would have to wait several weeks to have the laser treat this growth cycle again.  

Be Patient

The number one thing that you are going to need to remember when it comes to laser hair reduction, is to be patient. This is a treatment that takes several months, if not years, because all hair growth cycles need to be hit and they may need to be treated with the laser multiple times before all of the hair is gone. Also, if you are treating several different areas of your body, the process will take longer because you may only be able to treat a couple areas at a time. 

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