3 Ways To Treat Boils Quickly On Your Skin

Boils are some of the most painful blisters or cysts you will ever get. They are deep in your skin and can last for weeks if you do not know how to treat them. If you get a boil, here are 3 things you can do to help them go away without medical attention.

Apply Heat

One of the first things you should do is apply heat to the boil. Direct heat can sometimes help pull the puss to the surface of the skin, or it can at least soften the boil and lessen the pain. This method works well if you have a boil on the skin as opposed to in your nose or inner cavity.

You can either use a heat compress or get a washcloth wet with hot water. Do not ever apply boiling hot water to your skin, however, because this will burn you and can make your body hurt even more.

You should apply the heat for as long as you need to get the boil a little softer and less achy. It is a great idea to keep heat on the boil all day if possible, but just do it as often as you can. After applying heat, try to squeeze and open the boil. If it is still hard, then repeat the process until the puss softens.

Create a Vacuum

This next option will work on boils that are on legs, arms, and stomachs. Avoid the vacuum method on your face and neck since the skin is more sensitive.

To start, you need to get a glass bottle, such as an empty soda bottle. Make sure that the bottle is completely clean, and fill it with almost boiling water. Remember that boiling water is not safe on your skin, but you still need really hot water for this to work.

Leave just about an inch of the bottle empty at the top, and then you have to work quickly to get this to work. You are going to turn the bottle upside down so that the opening of the bottle goes right over the boil. To make this easier, try to have your boil pointing slightly to the left or right so that the bottle will not spill everywhere when it is turned.

Once the vacuum has been created, it can help to actually open and release the puss that is in the boil. This will not work the second you get a boil, but a boil that is white and ripe can be opened with this method.

By doing one or both of these things, you can get rid of a boil without going to the doctor. If the boil gets worse or starts to spread, however, then visit your doctor immediately as this could be a sign of a more serious infection. For more information, visit http://www.EntiraFamilyClinics.com or a similar website.