Two Corporate Wellness Program Questions You May Need Answered

Healthy employees are happy and productive employees, but many businesses assume that offering health insurance is all that they have to do to enjoy these benefits. However, this is not the case when it comes to the health of your workers, and there are programs that are designed to help improve the overall health and productivity of your workforce. Yet, there are likely a couple of questions you need addressed if your company has never launched these programs.                      

What Is A Wellness Program?

Insurance is designed to pay for a person's treatment when they become ill. However, this does nothing to protect individuals from becoming ill, and this can lead to high costs for your business. In contrast, a wellness program is designed to improve your employees' overall health, and this can help prevent many medical problems from arising. 

There is no standardized wellness program that should be implemented, but rather, individual businesses must closely analyze their unique situations to formulate effective plans. Typically, these plans will involve offering healthier foods in company cafeterias, installing exercise facilities and allowing employees time to exercise during the workday. 

Is It Expensive To Institute These Programs?

There is little arguing that some money will need to be spent to develop, launch and sustain these programs. However, it should be noted that these programs do not have to be particularly elaborate, and even minor steps taken to improve the health of employees will likely have a beneficial effect on your workforce and health insurance costs. For example, installing a workout facility is an expensive task, but if this is beyond your companies resources, you may be able to negotiate a discount on memberships to local gyms for your workforce. 

Instituting a wellness program may also be tax deductible for your business. There are many states that have tax incentives for companies to actively strive to improve the health of their employees, and by contacting your local department of revenue, you will be able to determine if there are any tax incentive you can utilize and what the requirements for them are. 

Keeping your employees healthy can have a wide range of benefits for your business. From higher productivity to lower health insurance costs, taking steps to improve the overall health of your staff can be more than worth the cost, and a corporate wellness program may be the perfect solution for your needs. After learning the answers to these questions, you will understanding the purpose of a wellness program and that these programs do not have to be budget breaking endeavors.

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