What’s Next After Gastric Bypass?

Gastric bypass surgery is a procedure that allows you to lose weight by creating a different environment for the stomach and intestine to digest food.  Because this portion of your organs aren't breaking down food any longer, your body will not absorb all of the calories you intake.  The amount of food you'll be able to eat will be smaller, allowing you to be able to lose weight.  Here are a few things to expect after your gastric bypass surgery.

How You Eat         

Obviously, the surgery changes the way you eat.  Not only will the amount of food have to change, but the way you eat will change as well.  You will eat an extremely small amount of food daily.  When you eat, you will eat slowly, chewing the food well to aid in the digestion process.  Small meals eaten periodically throughout the day will be the best way to stay healthy.  Your doctor will most likely tell you to keep from drinking when eating so that the liquid does not interfere with feeling full.    

What You Eat    

When you eat less, you must be sure that what you are eating is the most nutritious food possible.  High protein food will give you the energy that you'll need to get through the day.  Vegetables are an important element to your diet in order to get the vitamins and minerals necessary to stay healthy.  Your doctor may encourage you to take a vitamin supplement as well because your body will have difficulty absorbing nutrients from food. 


An active lifestyle will help to encourage your weight loss after your gastric bypass surgery.  It will also help you to keep the weight off that you lose.  Start off slowly, possibly even with a trainer that has experience working with gastric bypass patients.  You may need to start with a low-key walking regimen, then work your way up to faster paced cardiovascular workouts such as any aerobic exercise or an exercise machine.  Eventually, a weight training routine should be incorporated as well.

Self Confidence     

It will be a huge change that may be difficult to get used to, but the new you will emerge and you'll feel confident in your new smaller body.  You will start to see how you may have used food as a healer in your everyday life.  Get excited to find out what is in store for the new you.  Speak to a therapist about all of the changes in your life.  Find a support group in your area to discuss the common problems people may face after gastric bypass surgery.  Talking with others that are going through the same experiences will help you cope in all circumstances.     

Other Benefits and Results     

In addition to your weight loss, you may experience other health benefits after your gastric bypass surgery as well.  You may find that you no longer have type 2 diabetes, your blood pressure is in a normal range, you are able to sleep well at night, your cholesterol is in a normal range and you may not be suffering from arthritis pain.  The benefits are great after gastric bypass surgery.           

Weight Loss      

Your weight loss is your ultimate goal, so once you have obtained your goal weight, you will be happy that you achieved the results intended.  You may need to visit a plastic surgeon for potential skin removal to remove any unwanted skin on the arms, legs or abdomen or breast surgery to remove any fatty tissue in the breasts.  The key to maintaining your weight loss is to continue your smaller eating habits, keep eating healthy proteins, vegetables and fruits and continue your exercise routine every day for optimum health.      

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