Is Lasik Surgery Safe For Seniors?

If you are over the age of sixty and are interested in getting lasik eye surgery to improve your sight, there are some precautions to know about. Here is some information and suggestions about seniors getting lasik. Make an informed decision about your eyesight, and know what you can do to help restore your vision for a bright future.

Is it Safe?

Being eligible for lasik, or refractive eye surgery, has more to do with the condition of the eye, rather than the age of the patient. So, in short, no, there is no reason why older patients cannot receive the surgery. Many people in these times are living longer, healthier lives, and there is no reason to deny eye surgery to those in their fifties or older. 

Ophthalmologists will look at the overall health of the eye. If you have cataracts or glaucoma, you may not be a good candidate for lasik, and if you do get lasik, it is no guarantee that you won't get cataracts in the future. You may also still need reading glasses after getting lasik, but these are not reasons to doubt whether or not you are eligible for the surgery.

Assume that you are just as eligible as any other patient, and trust your eye doctor to know whether or not it is right for you.

How to Prepare for Lasik

As with anyone preparing for lasik surgery, regardless of your age, you need to be educated about your eye health and lasik before signing up for it. Ask your ophthalmologist if your lenses are suitable for the surgery.

Know that older patients are sometimes at risk of getting a corneal abrasion during the surgery, but it is not anything to be alarmed about, only knowledgeable of. Your eye doctor will want to know all about the shape and health of your eyes, and if you are on any medications that may pose a problem with having the surgery.

The day before your eye surgery, stop wearing make-up, eye creams, or lotion on your face. Make sure that you have stopped wearing contact lenses for the past two weeks, or according to what your eye doctor stipulates. Be sure that you have a ride home directly after your surgery, as it will not be safe for you to drive.

What to Do After Lasik

Allow time for your eyes to heal from surgery and see your eye doctor within the next three days. It usually takes around two to three days for your eyes to feel normal again. If you experience severe pain, itching, or redness, alert your eye doctor immediately, and do not rub your eyes. 

As stated previously, you may still need reading glasses occasionally after lasik surgery, but your eyesight should improve dramatically, making every day life and activities more enjoyable to you. Live your life to the fullest, and enjoy the use of your eyes for as long as you live.

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