4 Tips for Dealing With Your Ashthma

Over 25 million people in the United States suffer from asthma, and nearly one quarter of that number is made up of children. Asthma can be difficult to manage, especially when you experience a sudden asthma attack. An asthma attack can be very disorienting and uncomfortable, so it is important to work with your doctor so that you always have the appropriate inhaler on hand and a plan of action in case your asthma becomes too extreme.

Part of managing your asthma is understanding what triggers your attacks; allergies, body weight, and activity level are all possible triggers. Here are four tips for dealing with your asthma.

Drink plenty of water.

Drinking water is good for your health and provides many health benefits. Water is also helpful in helping you manage your asthma. Drinking water helps to ease your digestive processes and also helps to reduce the formation of thick mucus in your airways that contribute to difficulty breathing.

Keep your air filters clean.

Clean the air filters in your heater and air conditioner every few weeks, especially when you are adjusting the temperature in your home a lot. Air filters keep dust, pollen, and other grime out of your vents, helping to keep the air circulating from your HVAC unit clean.

Pleated paper air filters should be replaced with ones of the appropriate size. Reusable air filters should be washed with warm, soapy water and left to dry in a flat, cool area. They can also be washed in the dishwasher as long as the hot drying cycle is turned off.

Limit your intake of very sugary foods.

You should eat a nutritionally-dense diet and limit your intake of sugar. Moderation is key. Sugar may be linked to inflammation of your airways. A study revealed that mice who ate a sugar-enriched diet were twice as likely to suffer from airway inflammation than the group of mice who had a less sugary diet when exposed to allergens.

You can tailor your diet not only for optimal health and weight, but also to reduce your allergy and asthma symptoms with a few simple changes.

Keep pets out of the bedroom.

Having a family pet at home is lovely, but your furry friend might make your asthma flare up. You can make your home more comfortable and keep your pet by having a strict policy about keeping pets out of your bedroom. Shared spaces that the pet frequents should be vacuumed, dusted, and aired out often in order to reduce allergens.

Get more tips from local allergy specialists such as The Regional Allergy Asthma & Immunology Center, PC.