3 Features To Add To Your Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are a great option if you need corrective eyewear, but spend a good deal of time outdoors. You want to continue protecting your eyes from the sun's harsh UV rays, even when you normally wear eyeglasses. When choosing your prescription sunglasses from an optician like Wear Eyewear, there are some different features you can add to the lenses. Here are some different features to choose from.

Anti-Reflective Lenses

One of the most popular features available for prescription sunglasses is the addition of anti-reflective coating. While sunglasses have some anti-reflective properties on their own, it can still help to get this additional coating added to your sunglasses. The anti-reflective lenses will help reduce glare and reflections that can affect your vision, particularly on very bright days and when using artificial lighting. If you are driving when the sun is directly in front of you, it can be hard on your eyes, even with traditional sunglasses. However, the special coating will reduce that glare and protect your eyes even more.

Polarized Lenses

There are also polarized lenses available for prescription sunglasses, which helps take the UV protection one step further. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it is worth it to get polarized lenses. They will provide the highest level of UV protection available, as well as giving you high-contrast vision when you trying to enjoy activities in the bright sunlight. They also help to reduce the glare even further, so some people choose polarized lenses in lieu of anti-reflective lenses. Polarized lenses are also ideal if your eyes are naturally sensitive to light.

Edge Polish

This is more of a cosmetic affect that can be added to your prescription sunglasses. While previously only used for eyeglasses, more people are getting edge treatments on their sunglasses as well. The edge treatment is a way to add a luster polish on the edge of your lenses. This is great when you choose a rimless or semi-rimless frame for your sunglasses. Some prescription sunglasses are meant to look as similar to your traditional eyeglasses as possible. They have a very thin eyeglass frame for more comfort value. The edge polish can improve the look and give it a finished appearance.

When choosing your prescription sunglasses, make sure you have chosen all the right features. The sunglasses will naturally offer UV protection, but there are ways to improve it and protect your eyes as much as possible. These features are especially useful to people who are more sensitive to light and UV rays.