2 Important Things to Do for a Senior Parent with Dementia

When your parent is diagnosed with dementia, you might feel relieved knowing that there is a medical explanation for why he or she is acting differently than usual, but this may also require taking some steps to help your parent keep living at home. Hiring home care services is a great way to help your parent keep some independence for a while, but here are two additional things you may want to do to help your parent.

Get the proper medical services

Dementia causes a person to begin forgetting things or acting in ways that are unusual, but you may be able to slow down the effects of this disease by making sure that your parent gets the right medical help. This includes

  • Medication – There are numerous types of medications used to treat dementia, and if your parent is getting the right type and dosage, it may slow down some of the negative effects he or she is experiencing.
  • Eyesight – Problems with eyesight might make the effects of dementia worse, simply because your parent will not be able to see as clearly as he or she should. This can distort reality, which in turn can cause the symptoms to escalate.
  • Hearing – Having your parent's hearing checked and treated is another good step to take. A lack of hearing can also contribute to strange habits and actions, and if your parent gets hearing aids, it might help tremendously.

Regular visits to the doctor are also important for anyone that is suffering with dementia, and another important factor is nutrition.

Monitor your parent's diet and food consumption

If you hire a company to provide home care services, this may help with your parent's nutrition and health. A home care worker could be hired to prepare, bring, or serve meals to your parent, and he or she can keep a running log of the food types and amounts eaten each day. Good nutrition is vital for anyone with dementia, but many people with dementia do not get enough nutrition.

One of the main reasons dementia patients do not get the right nutrition is because they forget to eat. Because of this, people with dementia may suffer from a loss of weight, and they could get ill from malnutrition.

Your parent will not need a special type of diet, but he or she will need three good meals a day, and the foods should be easy for him or her to chew.

If you would like to hire someone to help your parent at his or her home, look into home care services in your area. Home health care workers can help you take care of your parent, and this will relieve some of the duties you have, and it may also help you feel better about your parent living at home alone. For more information, talk to a professional like ComForcare - Roseville, CA.