Getting The Skinny On Cosmetic Slimming Procedures: What You Should Know

When it comes to losing weight or slimming down those last few inches to reach your body goals, you may find yourself struggling a great deal. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, those last few inches or pounds just do not want to come off on their own. While exercise and a proper diet are of great importance when it comes to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight and body, you may need a little help with the finishing touches of your weight loss journey. Get to know some of the cosmetic slimming procedures that are available to help you shed those last few inches and get the healthy-looking body you have been yearning for. 

Laser Body Sculpting

Laser body sculpting, also known as laser body contouring, is a form of cosmetic treatment that is non-invasive. This means it does not involve surgery or cutting of any kind. For people who are not fans of needles or surgical recovery, laser body sculpting is one of the best cosmetic options available. 

This treatment uses focused light energy (a laser) to target adipose (fat) cell pockets beneath the skin. Essentially, the idea is that the laser will penetrate through the fat cells and deflate or destroy them. 

Laser body sculpting, from a clinic like Dr. Robert Fortino Premier Weight Loss Physicians, requires several sessions to complete. In between sessions, patients are advised to maintain healthy eating, sleeping, and exercise habits and even to wear compression garments underneath their clothes to further enhance results. 

Liposuction Treatments

Another option to get rid of those pesky pockets of fat cells that will just not go away no matter how much you exercise is to give liposuction a try. Liposuction is a surgical option for cosmetic treatment. 

When you get liposuction, your doctor will create a series of small incisions that are just wide enough to fit a small tube into those pockets of fat cells in your body. The tube is inserted and moved back and forth to pull the fat cells from the body. 

This is a minimally invasive procedure and can be used in various areas throughout the body including the hips, legs, abdomen, arms, back, and even your chin or cheeks. Liposuction is considered an outpatient procedure and most patients go home to rest and recover the same day they have the surgery. 

With these options in mind, you can choose the cosmetic slimming procedure that would work best for you, and get those last few pesky inches off in no time.