Three Types Of Breast Enhancements And What They Can Do For You

Breasts are incredibly personal parts of a woman's anatomy. They are at once synonymous with her femininity, motherhood and sexuality. If your breasts are looking a little less than perky these days, there are some breast enhancements that can renew your sense of self and your confidence as a woman. Here are three of those enhancements and what they can do for you.

Breast Lift

Breasts sag with age, with weight gained and lost and with pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you feel that your breasts are hanging much lower than you would like them to, a plastic surgeon can perform a breast lift. This is usually a two-step procedure. The first step tightens the chest muscles, helping to lift the breast tissue over those muscles just a little bit.

Then the breast tissue is lifted and restitched to the chest wall and/or armpits through a few small incisions. Some breast tissue may also be removed to decrease the weight of the breasts so that they do not drop back down a few years after your breast lift procedure. The breast lift can make the profile of your body look much younger and more toned.

Breast Augmentation

Some women, after they have children, experience a sort of "deflation" of their breasts. The breast tissue suddenly shifts from rounded, full and perky to flat and almost invisible. If this is the case with your breasts, you can opt for breast augmentation, which can restore your original breast shape and size. If you would also like to go bigger and/or rounder, your plastic surgeon can suggest a more dramatic augmentation.

Areola Darkening or Lightening

Hormones during pregnancy can darken your areolas. Some partners find this very attractive and arousing. Women with darker skin may have areolas that either lighten or darken in color according to the rise and fall of certain hormones. If you would like your areolas to be a certain color and/or shade, there is a procedure that can alter their coloration and keep it exactly the color/shade you want indefinitely.

To lighten them, your plastic surgeon will "bleach" the skin with a laser and/or use a process that is similar to a chemical peel. If you want them darker, your plastic surgeon can use melanin injections and/or skin tissue transplants. Women who opt to have this procedure done claim it makes them feel sexier and more desirable to their partners, but usually it just acts as a confidence booster. Contact a company like Center For Plastic Surgery for more information.