Tips For Making Your Bathroom Safer For Seniors

If you have a loved one in your life that is older, then you might be worried about him or her possibly slipping and falling in the slick areas of the bathroom. One way to help alleviate your worries is to make sure that his or her bathroom is as safe as possible. Here are some possible methods that you can use to make your loved one's bathroom safer.

1. Install Grab Bars

Install grab bars near the toilet and the tub in order to make sure that your loved one has something to catch onto if he or she finds him or herself falling. This could prevent serious injuries. The grab bars can also make it easier for your loved one to get up from the toilet or get out of the bathtub. However, in order for these grab bars to be fully effective, you need to make sure that they are anchored enough onto the wall that they will be able to bear the full weight of your loved one. Also make sure that the grab bars are horizontal and parallel to the floor, rather than on a diagonal, since your loved one's hands could slip down the diagonal bars. 

2. Install a Walk-In Tub

Another thing that you could install is a walk-in tub. Bathtubs are especially dangerous for many seniors because they require the senior to swing his or her leg over the side of the tub while balancing on the other leg. This unstable position can lead to dangerous falls and many other problems. By installing a walk-in tub, you can make sure that your loved one does not have to worry about getting in or out of the tub. Make sure that you keep the design simple enough so that there aren't any stairs because stairs can be a major slipping hazard.

3. Turn the Hot Water Heater Down Lower

Finally, you can make sure that the default temperature of the hot water heater is low enough so that your loved one has to consciously turn up the temperature of the water for a bath. You don't want the default water to be super hot because this can damage their skin and cause other injuries. By turning down the default temperature of the water heater, you can reduce the chances that your loved one will get burned.

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