Tips For Losing That Dreaded Muffin Top

If you want to lose weight, then following a solid exercise regimen and diet program is essential. However, this plan may not help you to get rid of the fat you see around your belly. Almost everyone has some belly fat, and some of the fat may be stubborn and remain even if you follow your plan religiously. If you need help losing the fat, then keep reading.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

If your diet plan does not include a reduction in the sugar you consume, then you may want to decrease your sugar intake immediately. When you eat or drink a sugary food, then the fructose in the item must be metabolized by the liver. If the consumed sugar is too much for your liver to handle, then it is stored as fat. At least a portion of this fat is likely to be stored around the abdomen area. 

To decrease your sugar intake, drink only sugar-free beverages. This means cutting out fruit juices, sodas, sports drinks, and flavored drink packets that contain sugar. You also should reduce the number of desserts you eat and you should watch out for foods that contain hidden sugars. Bread, breakfast cereal, soups, sauces, salad dressing, and certain types of yogurt are a few examples of foods that contain a good deal of sugar.

When you cut down on the sweets, you are likely to experience some sweet cravings as your body gets used to the reduced sugar intake. Eat more whole fruits and vegetables as well as foods that contain a good deal of fiber. This will help you to feel full so you are less likely to reach for the candy.

Eat More Protein

Studies suggest that an increase in your consumption of protein can reduce the amount of belly fat on your body. Protein can do many different things. It can provide your body with enough calories that you feel full for longer. It also boosts your metabolism so you can lose more weight and it helps to reduce overall cravings for food. Also, if you pair high-protein foods with a daily exercise regimen, then the protein will help your body build muscle. This will help you to feel stronger and more energized after your workouts.

The key to eating protein is to consume the nutrient without adding a good deal of fat to your diet. Fish, beans, legumes, nuts, and eggs are all protein-rich foods that you should eat. Chicken is also a good source of protein and low in fat. 

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