How To Prepare Your Child For A CT Scan

If you have a child who you have taken to the doctor and the doctor recommends a CT scan, this procedure may seem frightening to your child. There are many things that might need to be done in order to allow the process to move along more smoothly. One of the concerns is that your child might move too much, which can blur the images and increase the risk that the CT scan will produce bad results. 

Sedating Your Child

Providing your child with a sedative can help him or her feel still and calm. Make sure that the doctor is informed about your child's medications or allergies so that no sedatives will be used that might interfere with the sedative. Also, your child might have an allergy to the contrast material used for the CT scan. 

Clothing Your Child

Have your child wear loose and comfortable clothing before undergoing the scan. This will reduce the risk that your child will become uncomfortable and will move around, which could lead to the CT scan being less successful.

What Your Child Will Experience

During the procedure, your child will see red lights. These are used to assist the technologist in positioning your child's body so that the technician can get a better image. There are also green lights that will indicate when the machine is ready to perform the scan. The camera will move in a circle and generate a humming noise. Talk to your child about the experience so he or she will expect it and so that he or she will not panic, which would increase the risk of an incorrect scanning.

Food And Beverages

Your child should not consume food or beverages before participating in the scan. If your child feels uncomfortable because he or she needs to pee, moving around might disrupt the results of the scan. The more prepared your child is for the appointment, the better. However, it is more appropriate to prepare a younger child a couple of days before the appointment, while children who are 11 or older should be prepared as far into the future as possible.

Ask your child's doctor about any ways in which he or she can be better prepared for the CT scan to reduce the risk that your child's scan will produce inaccurate results. There may be unique problems to take into consideration based on the machine that will be used or your child's uniqueness. For more information, contact establishments like Kenai Peninsula Imaging Center, LLC.