FAQ About Spinal Cord Compression

Have you been experiencing pain in your back that is gradually getting worse? If you are also beginning to experience other symptoms, such as numbness in your limbs, the problem might need prompt attention from a specialist. It is possible that your symptoms are a result of a condition called spinal cord compression. Basically, there might be something that is placing a large amount of pressure on your spinal cord and causing problems in your body. Below, you will learn more about spinal cord compression to help determine if it is the reason for your back pain slowly getting worse.

What Can Place Pressure on the Spinal Cord?

There are numerous things that can place pressure on a spinal cord. For example, if there is a tumor growing in the spine, it can cause a lot of pressure as it grows. It is also possible for pressure to accumulate when your spinal cord isn't aligned in the way that it should be. A misaligned spine is associated with a condition that is known as scoliosis. Infections, arthritis, and certain bone diseases can also contribute to spinal pressure.

What Happens if Spinal Cord Compression isn't Treated?

If you are suffering from spinal cord compression and don't seek treatment, your body will suffer a wide variety of consequences. The pain that you are experiencing can become severe to the extent that you are unable to cope with it. Severe back pain can lead to you being unable to work, so it is wise to prevent it at all costs. Another problem that the condition can cause is your reflexes to stop functioning as they should. Extreme weakness is one of the other problems that untreated spinal compression can cause.

How Can a Specialist Release the Pressure?

There isn't a specific type of treatment that you must undergo for spinal cord compression. The treatment plan will be based on the cause of the pressure, as well as the type of symptoms that you have been experiencing. For instance, you might be administered steroid injections if there is any swelling present, as it can reduce the amount of pain that you are in. It is also common for a specialist to recommend undergoing physical therapy, which could be for strengthening muscles and being educated on how to properly move your limbs. In a severe case of spinal compression, you might have to undergo surgery so a specialist can remove bone spurs or perform some other procedure to treat the condition.

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