What Every Parent Should Know About The Croup

As a parent, you probably feel a massive responsibility to care for your child's health. There are so many different illnesses that can befall a small child that a parent must always be on the lookout for problems. The croup is a common childhood illness, and if treated correctly, it can resolve quickly and without lasting problems. But croup can become serious if left unchecked. Here are some things you should know about the croup.

What Is The Croup?

Croup is a condition that affects the lungs and respiratory system of the child. Usually what happens is that the lungs overly contract and make it hard for the child to breathe. In addition, it can make them cough. The coughing is painful, and because the respiratory system is compromised, it can be dangerous for the child if the illness becomes serious enough.

What Are The Symptoms Of Croup?

The symptom most common to the croup is a barking cough. It almost sounds like a seal bark when the child starts coughing. It is a painful cough, so the child may cry after they cough. They also may look like they are straining to breathe; this can look like their chest caving in when they try to breathe.

Additionally, the croup cough becomes most serious in the night. This could be because the child is lying flat, they are warm, or for a myriad of other reasons, but it generally takes a turn for the worse at night.

When Should I Take My Child To The Doctor?

Any time you are worried if the child isn't breathing correctly, you should have them looked at by a doctor like those at Family Practice Diagnostic Center. If the child is straining to breathe during the day, then you can bet that it will get worse at night, so you should preemptively take them in to be looked at. Additionally, if you hear the barking cough, it is a sign that the child should be looked at.

What Is The Treatment For Croup?

If the child has an attack at home, especially during the night, take them outside into the cold air. That helps them to breathe better. You can also put them in a hot shower, where the steam will help to open the lungs.

When you do take them to the doctor, they might give you steroids if the illness is serious enough. These steroids are a short-term treatment to help open the lungs.

Now that you better understand the croup, you can know how to treat it.