Leukapheresis Can Protect You From The Pain Of Kidney Stones When You Have Leukemia

Leukemia is a serious type of cancer that causes many complications. One of the worst of these is kidney stones. Suffering from this condition can complicate your cancer recovery. Therefore, it is critical to get leukapheresis to avoid this danger. 

Leukemia Can Lead To Kidney Stones

Leukemia often causes a serious buildup of uric acid and white blood cells in the body. These increased levels can cause a variety of painful conditions. One of the worst of these is likely kidney stones. The development of kidney stones is considered one of the most prominent and consistent issues with people who have leukemia. Even worse, they can make a painful and dangerous situation even worse.

These Stones Can Complicate Recovery

Kidney stones are a very painful condition that will make it more difficult for you to recover from leukemia. That's because they cause acute suffering when you pass them and will steal much of your vital strength. They can also cause complications if they cause infections in your urinary tract or otherwise degrade your quality of life.

As a result, it is important to prevent this problem from ever becoming an issue. The easiest way to do that is to manage your white blood cells levels and ensure they stay at a safe level. And the safest and quickest way to perform this task is leukapheresis.

How This Process Works

Leukapheresis may have a long name that sounds complex but the process is relatively easy. It starts by placing you on a bed or a reclined surface and inserting a tube into your arms. There are tubes in each arm to increase the effectiveness. One tube will carefully remove blood from your arm while a centrifuge removes the red and white blood cells. Then, the other tube pumps plasma back into your body.

Thankfully, this treatment is mostly pain-free and takes very little time. After your treatment is over, your white cells will be tested to ensure they are safe. The trick here is to decrease them to safe levels so that your kidney doesn't produce stones. The exact levels will vary depending on the person and how their body reacts to this process.

So if you are suffering from leukemia and don't want the pain of kidney stones, consider this process. It can also help manage other side effects of this disease and keep you happy and focused on your safe and effective recovery.