How In-Home Healthcare Protects Your Senior With Dementia From Fire

Every year, fires kill thousands of people across the country. Shockingly, nearly half of these deaths are elderly people, a large number of whom have dementia. As a result, it is critical to protect their lives with high-quality in-home caregiving services.

Older Adults Have A Higher Risk Of Fire Death

A variety of studies on the fire risk of the elderly portion of the population has revealed some very frightening details. Seniors over the age of 55-60 are 2.7 times more likely to die in a fire than those younger than them. Even more shockingly, those over 85 were at nearly a four times higher risk for fire death. The exact reasons for this increase may seem vague or hard to understand.

Some common contributing factors include elderly people living in older homes that haven't been properly maintained or repaired. However, these older individuals may also simply be losing their ability to avoid starting a fire on accident due to the onset of various types of dementia.

Those With Dementia Are In Even More Danger

Older adults who keep all of their mental facilities are more likely to avoid unsafe behaviors, such as turning on a stove and forgetting about it. However, those who develop various strains of dementia might start struggling to remember things they did and struggle to avoid these problems. In this instance, an in-home care provider is an absolute necessity.

In-Home Healthcare Can Be A Lifesaver

If you are afraid that your loved one is developing dementia, especially if they have already caused some minor fire issues, it is time to contact an in-home healthcare provider. These specialists will stay at your loved one's home and provide them with around-the-clock care that ensures that don't accidentally cause a fire during the day.

Just as importantly, they can help your loved one get out of the house if a fire develops at any point and beyond the influence of the senior. And even if fires don't develop, these professionals can provide your loved one with basic care techniques that help them feel happier and healthier in their life.

So if you think that it is time to get your loved one treatment like this, don't hesitate to reach out to a professional firm right away. With such involved care, your loved one is nearly 100 percent protected from fire and has a caring person near them at all times.