Does Your Child Always Need To See A Doctor For An Ear Infection?

If your child has started to develop ear infections, then you may be wondering if your child needs to see their pediatrician every time they develop such an infection. Well, keep reading to find out if they need to and also how you can treat ear infections at home.

Does Your Child Need To See A Doctor?

If your child has a condition where they experience frequent ear infections, then you do not always need to see the pediatrician if you think one is developing. Some earaches simply are not ear infections and may be caused by a viral infection instead. Antibiotics will not help the situation, so you much be patient and wait until the cold or flu passes on its own. In situations where your child has a virus, antibiotics can do more harm than good since they kill all of the beneficial and non-harmful bacteria in the body. This can lead to some intestinal and oral issues like diarrhea and oral thrush.

Even if your child has an ear infection, you do not always need to see a pediatrician for this. Some ear infections resolve on their own. Some children will feel better after a day or two as the body naturally fights off the bacteria. And, many ear infections will resolve on their own within a week. 

Keep in mind that antibiotic-resistant bacteria will often become a problem for anyone who takes antibiotics regularly. So, you may see worsening infections with prolonged antibiotic use, and you will want to avoid this.

When Is Pediatrician Assistance Necessary?

So, when is it a good idea to see a pediatrician for a suspected ear infection. Well, if your child is still experiencing a great deal of pain and soreness after several days, then a professional should evaluate your son or daughter. This is also the case if your child has a fever that gets worse or remains the same over the course of several days or more. 

Also, if your child is having trouble sleeping, is drooling excessively, continually crying, or is lethargic, then you may want to make an appointment with your pediatrician.

If your child has difficulty taking antibiotics, then ask the doctor to prescribe a liquid medication that is flavored for children. Also, some pharmacists can add an additional flavor shot to the medicine so that it tastes better. You can give your child a sweet fluid to consume immediately after taking the medicine as well. For example, a small amount of chocolate syrup or maple syrup often works well. 

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