Setting Up A Health Screening Station In Your Business Or Office

Health screening has become a regular part of life for many buildings and places we go in today's world. Temperature scanning systems are often used as the first line of defense in detecting potential health issues, and many businesses are using these systems at entrances to their companies. 

Temperature Scanning

Setting up a temperature scanning kiosk or other systems in the lobby of your business or office is relatively simple. Some companies produce machines that use an infrared scanner to detect your temperature from the forehead or the wrist. Most take a second or less to register your temperature. 

Using a sensor that does not require contact with the sensor is the best way to ensure that anyone experiencing health issues does not pass any viruses on through contact with the surface. Many of these systems are automated and will alert the user that the patient has a raised temperature which could mean a potential health issue and the patient can seek medical attention right away. 

There are times when the issues may not be health-related at all. Still, the screening is designed to read only the person's temperature. Further screening would be required if the individual was not sick and had an elevated temperature from working out or doing a physical activity just before being scanned. 

Full-Body Scanners

As an alternative to the smaller kiosks, you may want to have a walk-through scanner at the entrance to the building that has a temperature scanning system and reads the person's body temperature as they pass through. You can often combine these systems with metal detectors or other scanners so you can cover all your concerns in one place.

If someone passing through the scanner has a high temperature, they can be stopped and screened right away before they get into the building and have contact with a lot of people. These systems can be used in private businesses or can be a good fit in places like airports, bus terminals, or train stations.

Wall-Mounted Scanners

If you are looking for a temperature scanning system that is smaller and less obvious, there are wall-mounted systems that people can walk up to, and it will take a reading with little to no interaction. The box is small enough that many people might think it is a thermostat on the wall, allowing the system to blend into the aesthetic of your office space or lobby.

These small temperature scanning systems are a good fit for doctor's offices and clinics that need a system outside the entrance or inside the facility's lobby to screen patients as they come into the building. If the patient is there because of the health issues they are experiencing, the scanner will help confirm if they have a virus and need to be separated from other clients in the waiting area.  

For more information on temperature scanning systems, contact a provider near you.