3 Benefits Your Loved One Will Receive Moving Into A Dementia Memory Care Facility

If you have a loved one with dementia and it is becoming too difficult to safely keep them at home with family, a move to a dementia memory care facility may be the right thing. To help you have a good understanding of what benefits can be had for your loved one while receiving dementia memory care services, you will want to review the following:

24-Hour Staff

There will always be a team of trained staff day and night. You will not have to worry about what would happen if your loved one were to need assistance during the middle of the night or while you are not there, as there will be plenty of people to help. The staff will also be sure to keep track of their care so you will be able to check in regarding how things are going anytime.

Activities On Site

Many dementia memory care facilities will have a wide variety of scheduled activities for residents to participate in. This can help engage their mind and keep everyone's spirits up. Some of the activities that you might come across include exercise or swim classes, arts and crafts, and games like Bingo. There is also usually a movie room and spiritual meetings that your loved one could participate in. Many facilities are set up like small neighborhoods, giving residents sidewalks to walk on, benches to sit on, and maybe even a pond to watch ducks and fish swim in.

Assistance With Personal Care Needs

Even if your loved one is still able to properly wash themselves and change their clothes, then they might not need the extra help. However, there will most likely come a point when they will start to struggle with things such as their mobility. Since they will already live in a dementia memory care facility, they will be able to get all of the assistance they need, as soon as they need it. This help is offered to all residents.

After having a little bit of time to review the previously mentioned benefits of moving your loved one into a dementia memory care facility, you might be ready to take the leap. You will want to get started by contacting the nearby dementia care facilities. Make appointments to go tour a few of them because you want the chance to inspect the place and get a good feel for it before making any commitments.

Contact a dementia memory care facility near you to learn more.