Your Questions Are Answered About Treating Shoulder Pain

Does your new job position involve a lot of lifting that has caused you to suffer a lot of shoulder pain? There are many causes for shoulder pain, including regularly lifting heavy objects when you are not accustomed to doing so. You might continue to suffer from shoulder pain until you get used to your new job, but it does not mean that you must tolerate the pain. An effective way to find relief from shoulder pain as you settle into your new job is to start going to a chiropractor for treatment. A chiropractor can get to the root of what is causing your shoulder to hurt, and then apply the most ideal technique to treat the pain.

What Are the Common Causes of Shoulder Pain?

Other than regularly lifting heavy objects, shoulder pain can occur from certain health conditions. For instance, it is possible for pain to develop due to arthritis. Going to the gym and trying to get fit can also result in shoulder pain, especially at the beginning of starting a workout routine. The heavy items you are lifting at work provide a similar experience as working out and lifting weights. A chiropractor will ask if you know the cause of your shoulder pain, but can also perform an x-ray and other tests to pinpoint the cause.

How Is Shoulder Pain Treated by a Chiropractor?

There is no specific technique that is used by a chiropractor for treating shoulder pain. He or she might decide to use multiple techniques to treat your shoulder. For example, due to many nerves being related to the spinal cord, the chiropractor might use spinal manipulation to treat the nerves in your shoulder. Spinal manipulation is one of the most commonly used treatment techniques that is used by chiropractors. Massage therapy, various exercises, and other techniques might be used along with spinal manipulation.

How Soon Does Chiropractic Treatment Relieve Pain?

It is possible that you will feel a level of pain relief on your first visit to a chiropractor. However, the severity and cause of your shoulder pain will play a role in how soon you feel completely relieved from the pain. You might have to continue going to a chiropractor for a few additional sessions before a high level of pain relief is experienced. Even after your shoulder pain has been completely relieved, occasionally visiting a chiropractor can be helpful for the type of job position you have.

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