How Compounded Pharmaceuticals Target Deficiencies

Compounded pharmaceuticals or bioidentical hormone therapies are gaining ground in the medical community as potent and viable options for treating a wide range of deficiencies that cause illness. But even though the terms are quickly gaining popularity with clinicians, patients who suffer from a deficiency or illness may not be aware of the outstanding potential for use of these natural alternatives. And because compounded pharmaceuticals also offer youthful restoration of skin, sexual libido, and normal sleep cycles, it's important to know how these products could work for you.

What is Compounding?

Compounding is a process of purifying and isolating compounds or molecules that are naturally-derived. Performed in a laboratory, compounding provides the safest and most natural form of target molecules, like hormones, so the product has a high degree of potency and efficacy.

Why Compounding Matters

Compounded pharmaceutical products are derived from plant materials and other raw materials that replicate the activities and curative effects found in medical applications. In comparison to supplements, compounded products (like bioidentical hormones) offer a higher degree of stringency in manufacturing, due to regulation, and exclude unnecessary components that can cause unwanted side effects.

Treating Illness and Deficiency Naturally

Compounded products mimic the effects of molecules that function normally in the human body. Bioidentical hormones are compounded pharmaceutical products, which doctors are increasingly recommending to target hormonal deficiencies.

Deficiencies in hormone production can have have adverse effects on everything from your appearance to sleep patterns. So bioidentical formulas made from natural materials in a compounding pharmacy provide an option to restore the deficiency that causes symptoms of illness.

Bioidentical hormones are an alternative treatment option for women that want to restore a youthful appearance, men that want to restore a sex drive, or anyone suffering from hormonal-derived sleep dysfunction. These compounded pharmaceuticals offer a more natural alternative to synthesized products, a safer option over supplements, and an option that is highly bioavailable, or usable by the body. These products are also available in forms like creams and gels, so they are often easier for patients to administer themselves.

Hormonal deficiencies can have both minor and significant effects on your body, with associated illness that may be easily treated with compounded products. If you suffer from illness or symptoms of deficiency, you should consider discussing compounded pharmaceuticals with your doctor as a viable alternative to either synthetics or supplements that can cause unwanted side-effects in the process of treatment.