A Few Tips For Getting Breast Augmentation Surgery

Getting a breast enhancement surgery no longer has the stigma it once did, because so many women have had successful procedures -- not to mention the procedure itself has evolved and improved. Today, breast augmentation remains the most popular form of cosmetic surgery, and its popularity has grown by 3% in recent years. Read on and use these tips if you are thinking about getting a breast enhancement surgery. 

Assess your reasons, style, and body type

Breast enhancement procedures are safer than ever, but you need to give serious consideration any time you're planning to get surgery. Be certain that for making this decision based on your own preferences, and not from any sort of external pressures. Regardless, this is a life change that you will have to live with, so make sure you approve of it. From there, you will want to begin looking into the breast size that best fits you.

Think about the style of outfits you wear or would like to wear, along with your frame and body type. Be sure that you consider your nipple size and what sort of volume you would like. You can go through a lot of pictures and videos to see examples of successful breast augmentation surgeries and to get some ideas and inspiration.

Learn the process of breast augmentation and scope out surgeons

The first thing you need to do when speaking to different surgeons is to communicate any concerns you have. The surgeon will help you decide between silicone breast implants and saline implants and will explain how incisions will occur during surgery. These implants can be smooth or textured and come in a variety of shapes and sizes based on your preference. For best results, you should look at 3D animations and touch the implant to know exactly what you are getting. Be sure to ask where your surgeon completed their residency and research them through the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Heal up and stock up on new bras

Once you get your surgery, be sure that you're stocked up on ice and pain medicine. You'll need to constantly ice your breasts to help the swelling go down and manage the pain as you heal up. Take some time off from work and avoid all strenuous activity. Keep your chest elevated and make sure you're eating healthy foods and drinking fluids as you rest. After you get back on your feet, take this time to try on lots of outfits so that you can get a new wardrobe to complement your new breast size. Have some fun with it as you start getting used to this bodily change. 

Follow these steps and start speaking to some breast augmentation surgeons. For more information, contact a medical office like Renaissance Center For Facial & Body Sculpting today.