What Is The Mckenzie Method In Physical Therapy?

The McKenzie Method is a method of assessment and treatment to address pain of the spine, neck, and extremities. The method was developed by a physiotherapist in New Zealand named Robin McKenzie, whom the technique is named after. Today, many clinicians around the world use the method to diagnose issues of the musculoskeletal system.

What Are the Steps Involved in the McKenzie Method?

The first step involved in the McKenzie method is the initial assessment. The assessment is the part of the appointment that allows a professional to make an accurate diagnosis of your condition and then develop a treatment plan to address them. A qualified McKenzie method practitioner may even be able to help you forego some of the more expensive tests involved in diagnosis of these conditions—including MRIs. The practitioner will also perform an assessment that involves understanding your history and symptoms.

The classification stage of the McKenzie Method then considers your symptoms to show you what kind of syndrome you may be dealing with. Are repeated movements to blame? Is your posture the central problem? Of course, there is also the chance that your symptoms cannot be classified in accordance with any specific symptom, perhaps because the condition is the result of chronic pain or non-mechanical pain.

Next, your practitioner will show you the best options for self-management of pain. You will learn some of the best ways to improve any pain and stiffness you feel in your body. Your physical therapist may provide you with a series of exercises you can perform regularly to improve your symptoms. They will also tell you what kind of postures and exercises you should avoid doing as much as possible. You will also learn preventative measures.

Who Is the McKenzie Method Right For?

The McKenzie method may not be the right option for everybody. It may be right for you if you have periods of the day in which you do not experience pain, if you have pain that is consistently located in your lower back or neck, if the pain feels worse after you bend or stoop for a long time, or if you feel worse when you are not maintaining an active lifestyle. Of course, there are plenty of other factors that could tell you that the McKenzie method is the right choice for your physical therapy practitioner.

Additionally, the McKenzie method is also a good choice for many people who experience sciatica, aching in the elbows, aching in the knees, intermittent numbness in the hands and feet, pain that begins in the back or neck, or arthritic pain. For more information, contact companies like Hands-On Physical Therapy.