Benefits Of Colon Cancer Screening

The colon, or large intestine, is a part of the digestive system and is responsible for removing water, nutrients, and electrolytes from the food undergoing digestion. The remaining solid waste or stool moves from the colon to the rectum for storage and later exits the body via the rectum. However, for the colon to operate efficiently, you must ensure it's in excellent health. One way of achieving this is by getting colon cancer screening or a colonoscopy. Here are the pros of colorectal cancer screening.

Cancer Prevention

A colonoscopy may be necessary, especially if you're at a high risk of cancer due to old age or a family history showing cancer. During colon cancer screening, doctors may sedate you to numb you from pain. Then, your doctor inserts a tube with a video camera at its tip inside the colon. The doctor examines the colon for abnormalities like polyps. Also, the doctors may get tissue samples and test them further to determine if they're cancerous. 

Even if the abnormal growths aren't cancerous, doctors may remove them surgically and provide professional counsel to live a healthy lifestyle to minimize cancer risks. For example, your doctor may recommend healthy diets and supplements, exercise, and abandoning risky lifestyle behavior like smoking.


Colon cancer screening may reveal that you have cancer. Fortunately, if you do a colonoscopy early, your doctor can discover cancer at the beginning stage. Hence, you can begin treatment immediately to contain the disease. For example, you may undergo chemotherapy and take appropriate medications to eliminate the cancerous cells. 

Likewise, you may combine medical and naturopathic treatments like acupuncture, physical therapy, and chiropractic services. But your doctor will create a personalized treatment plan for faster and more effective results. This comprehensive and timely cancer treatment approach can save your life.

Money Savings

Colon cancer at its late stages may require more aggressive treatments. For example, you may need more frequent chemotherapy or surgery. Additionally, doctors may prescribe more drugs to slow down the spread of cancer. These treatments may be expensive. Although you have medical insurance, the coverage may not cater to all treatments, leading to financial strain. While you may pay for colon cancer screening, this can save you money in the long term. The tests can detect cancer quickly, allowing for early interventions, which are less expensive.

A colonoscopy can save your life and money and help you prevent cancer. Consider getting colon cancer screening to enjoy these benefits.