Finding A Dentist For Your Autistic Child: What To Look For

When you have an autistic child, you know that any new experience can be a real challenge. You never know how your child will accept common things you do every day, much less a doctor or dentist's appointment. Since going to the dentist requires your child to be in close proximity to another person, including having their mouth touched, you want to make sure you choose a dentist that is skilled in your child's very specific needs. Read More 

Chicken Pox And Shingles: The Connection And Prevention

You've probably seen the ads on television showing an ugly, oozing rash and listened to the person describing the terrible pain of shingles. The ads also state that if you've ever had chicken pox, you are at risk. Well, isn't that almost everyone? Chicken Pox and Shingles Chicken pox is an illness caused by the varicella-zoster virus. The disease causes a rash and itchy, fluid-filled blisters that start on the head and spread all over the body. Read More 

4 Things Parents Need To Know About Balsam Of Peru Allergies

Balsam of Peru is a resin produced by Myroxylon, a flowering tree that grows in Central and South America. This resin is used for a wide variety of applications, but for people who are allergic to it, this is a big problem. Here are four things parents need to know about Balsam of Peru allergies. 1. What is Balsam of Peru used for? Balsam of Peru has many uses, so avoiding it can be difficult. Read More 

Could A Buildup Of Earwax Be The Cause Of Your Hearing Loss?

Hearing is an important sense, but it can get impaired for a variety of reasons. If you are having trouble hearing out of one or both of your ears, you may want to go to the doctor to find out why. It could be due to a problem within your eardrums, or it could be a problem caused by an excessive amount of earwax in your ears. Having earwax is normal, but having too much wax inside your ears can prevent you from hearing properly. Read More 

Physical Therapy Homework: Make It Fun

Physical therapy can be a great tool for those who have been injured, suffer from brain conditions, or other issues that limit mobility. It helps increase range of motion, recover or introduce skills, and increase the ability to enjoy physical activities. Many forms of physical therapy take place under the watchful eye of a physical therapist who is imperative in guiding training and recovery, but there are simple and fun things you can do at home to help move therapy along. Read More