Taking A Closer Look At Childhood Nocturnal Lagophthalmos

As a parent to a small child, there will always be times when you witness peculiar behaviors, but if you catch your child sleeping with their eyes open, it can definitely cause some concern. What most parents do not know is if a child is sleeping with their eyes open, there is actually a medical term for this. It is known as childhood nocturnal lagophthalmos, and this optic condition is sure to bring about a few questions as a parent. Read More 

3 Things To Know About Scoliosis And Your Children

If you have a child, you will want to be certain there aren't any signs of scoliosis in your kid.  This is a medical condition that typically affects children between the ages of 10 - 12. This health problem is the result of the spine being curved, and this could potentially lead to more issues down the road if it's not addressed.  Knowing specific things about scoliosis may help you if your child has been diagnosed with this medical issue. Read More 

Would You Recognize When You’re Having A Heart Attack?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that more than 70 percent of people surveyed do not know the symptoms of a heart attack. One reason is that the symptoms can look like some other medical condition. If the pain goes away, a person may just ignore the situation, unaware that they are putting themselves at risk of another heart attack. Here is what you should know about heart attacks in case you find yourself with severe chest pain one day: Read More 

Don’t Let Foot Pain Keep You Out Of The Race

If you're a runner, you know how important your feet are. You also know how easily foot injuries and pain can keep you out of the competition. Watch for signs of the follow common foot issues and see your doctor before they get worse. Inflamed Achilles Tendon Your Achilles tendon is responsible for keeping your foot and ankle stable as you move it up and down. An injury or overuse of this tendon causes inflammation and severe pain. Read More 

Anomaly, Not Anatomy: The Real Reason for Mid-Pregnancy Ultrasounds

The mid-pregnancy ultrasound is an exciting time for pregnant women. Those who want to find out the sex of their baby can often find out during this scan, which might be carried out with a portable ultrasound machine by your doctor. If you're preparing for your ultrasound, you need to understand that finding out the sex isn't the purpose, it's just an added bonus. Here are some of the purposes for your mid-pregnancy ultrasound. Read More