Three Ways You Can Work With Your Child’s Speech Problems At Home

There are many different speech problems that can affect a child, such as dyslexia, autism or delayed development. Many of these problems will require the help of a speech pathologist, but you will also need to work with your child to help them develop their speech. Some of the things that you can do from home can help the overcome problems, and make a disability have less of an effect on their learning and comprehension. Read More 

2 Reasons To See An Immunology Doctor

Allergies can affect anyone at any time, even if you have never experienced allergies before. Anyone can develop a new allergy, whether that allergy is a food or contact allergy. Two reasons to utilize an immunology doctor are to determine what you are allergic to and if you need a new treatment option. Determine What You Are Allergic To One of the biggest obstacles to dealing with allergies is trying to figure out what exactly is triggering your allergic reaction. Read More 

Are You Pregnant? 2 Things To Expect At Your First OB Visit

Nothing is more exciting than anticipating the birth of your first child. However, most women get a little nervous about going to the obstetrician. Here are two things to expect at your first OB visit, and why you shouldn't worry.  1: Medical History When you arrive at the doctor's office, you will be given paperwork to fill out regarding your medical history. However, unlike the paperwork that you receive at your regular family practice, the obstetrician might need a little more information. Read More 

What’s Next After Gastric Bypass?

Gastric bypass surgery is a procedure that allows you to lose weight by creating a different environment for the stomach and intestine to digest food.  Because this portion of your organs aren't breaking down food any longer, your body will not absorb all of the calories you intake.  The amount of food you'll be able to eat will be smaller, allowing you to be able to lose weight.  Here are a few things to expect after your gastric bypass surgery. Read More 

How To Prepare For Your MRI

Has your doctor recommended the use of an MRI scan in order to help in making a definitive diagnosis? If this is your first time getting an MRI, you may be wondering how to prepare for this diagnostic test and what you should expect during your scan. The information outlined below can help to answer these important questions so that you can feel confident and relaxed on the day of your appointment. Read More