4 Tips for Dealing With Your Ashthma

Over 25 million people in the United States suffer from asthma, and nearly one quarter of that number is made up of children. Asthma can be difficult to manage, especially when you experience a sudden asthma attack. An asthma attack can be very disorienting and uncomfortable, so it is important to work with your doctor so that you always have the appropriate inhaler on hand and a plan of action in case your asthma becomes too extreme. Read More 

Is Lasik Surgery Safe For Seniors?

If you are over the age of sixty and are interested in getting lasik eye surgery to improve your sight, there are some precautions to know about. Here is some information and suggestions about seniors getting lasik. Make an informed decision about your eyesight, and know what you can do to help restore your vision for a bright future. Is it Safe? Being eligible for lasik, or refractive eye surgery, has more to do with the condition of the eye, rather than the age of the patient. Read More 

Alternative Treatments For Your Menstrual Pain: What You Should Know

Women go through a lot of physical pain and discomfort throughout their lives. From PMS (premenstrual syndrome), to painful periods, childbirth, and menopause, there seems to be no end to the hormonal and physical deluge in their bodies. However, not all of these experiences need to cause you pain and discomfort. If you are one of the unfortunate women who experiences painful periods (menstrual pain) on a regular basis, you may think there is nothing that you can do other than suffer through and take over-the-counter pain medications. Read More 

When You Need To Get An Eye Exam

Eye exams are important for many things, and not just when you're having vision trouble. Eye exams are important to monitor your visual health, check for any problems that may be just beginning, and make sure that your current prescriptions — if any — are still appropriate for you. However, if you are experiencing any issues in your eyes, even if minor, it may be time to set up an appointment. 1. You Wear Corrective Eyewear Read More 

3 Ways To Treat Boils Quickly On Your Skin

Boils are some of the most painful blisters or cysts you will ever get. They are deep in your skin and can last for weeks if you do not know how to treat them. If you get a boil, here are 3 things you can do to help them go away without medical attention. Apply Heat One of the first things you should do is apply heat to the boil. Direct heat can sometimes help pull the puss to the surface of the skin, or it can at least soften the boil and lessen the pain. Read More